He declared overcrowded classrooms in government schools a big issue and said new schools would be established in rented buildings adjacent to burned on mornings shifts. Toda question regarding the teachers inability to teach textbooks whose medium was changed from Urdu to English he said discussion was underway at the education department to hold rest for teachers about the relevant books after two three months.

       Parents think when a person with the master’s degree can’t find job, then they send their children to workshops to earn money for family and learn skills to establish won workshop in future he said.
       A district education officer linked the high droupt rates with poverty, non-conductive the teacher inability to reach English books.
       They said RS billion was spent on on ADP schemes meant for provision of basic facilities in government schools in including supply of electricity and drinking water and construction of boundary walls and washrooms.
       The facilities said very district government allocated per cent of is ADP funds for the respective government schools in the wait with the guideline planning and developing department Headmaster a few government high schoold and livng the use of the
But his government spokesman. Fawad chaudhary prepared could water on that expectation is a television appearance on Tuesday night, in which he strechted diploma protocol to tell the anchor funds from Saudia Arabia and the UAE. Were indeed available but the conditonsbe that the governemt decided against availing that option.
       Pakistan current account deficit, which measures the difference between total in flows and outflows of foreign exchange from the economy has been rising by an average of the billion year account deficit was The state Bank argued that the current account deficit narrowed in August. But a consistent increase in oil import bill on account of the rising international process had raised the cost of imports.
       Recent data released by the SBP shows that its for reign exchange reserves now while commercial banks reserves went down to The local currency cumulative declined by pc in the past nine months, said a report by Shjar Research.    
The state bank of Pakistan will issue commutative coin of Rs denomination on in memory of sir syed ahmed khan Sir Syed Ahmed khan  renowned muslim renaissance in the subcontinent, which ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947
        A press release issued by the SBP on Tuesday said that in order to recognize mertious services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan towards the welfare of Muslim of South Asia, the federal government had authorized the State Bank issue commemorative coin on the eve his birth anniversary .
       The coins will be issued through the exchange countries of the all field offices of the SBP Banking Services corporation.  
Due to narrow streets in the areas and debris of structure demolished during the ongoing anitencroachment drive launched by the Punjab government, fire brigade could not properly access the plaza that caused delay in extinguishing that blaze. Locals said it took the fire bridge around five hours to extinguish the fire that gutted stocks of cloth storied in the plaza. They said that during the last couple of years, at least two fire incidents occurred in the area and on both the occasions the fire fighters faced difficulties in controlling the blaze because of narrow streets and enchorachemnts operation carried out last night many illegal structures were demolished. Some of the locals said the blaze was caused by lightnening that accompanied heavy rain and windstorm that hit the city on Monday night,

       However, many others illegal blaze was caused by lightening that accompanied heavy rain and windstorm that hit the city on wires left exposed after the demolition of illegal structures caused the fire that engulfed the entire plaze. The BISE secretary and controlling of examinations did not respond to the message by this correspondence Police at Dhullay chowk picker recovered charas that the pocked go information